Treat, Deli & Gift Shop

3 Imaal Mart, Imaal Rd Cabra, Dublin 7

I stumbled upon Treat this morning whilst waiting for the bank to open. Their chalk board sign on the corner of Cabra road immediately caught my caffeine deprived eye. I wandered in on a cloudy morning and immediately loved what I saw. Treat is more than a coffee shop, their cakes which are freshly baked look delicious, they have an array of gifts suitable across the ages and delicious fresh local produce on offer there is definitely something to suit everyone.


I had such good intentions and the plan was to only have a coffee but who am I kidding?! One look at their cakes, and in particular their icing dusted scones, and I was weak. So I walked out with a latte and a scone… hey it’s Wednesday so a treat is always welcome mid-way through the week.


I took a seat outside and happily sipped on one of the best coffees that I have had in Dublin in a long time. It was creamy and not too strong (I’m not a fan of super strong coffee so I always opt for a one shot latte). Sitting outside I let my mind wander and enjoyed watching the world go by. Turns out waiting for the bank to open isn’t so bad after all when you have a coffee from Treat in your hand!


I decided to save my scone until I got home so I headed off to the bank post-caffeine hit very, very content.

The scone. Divine. It’s rare that a scone doesn’t need that extra bit of flavour but Treat’s scones are so fresh and tasty they really don’t need anything else.  Get one – you will not be disappointed!


I love finding small independent cafes and shops to support and Treat is a welcome addition to my life. Check them out and let me know what you think


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