Sugar Coffee & Co. Malasaña

C/ Jesús del Valle, 6

Sugar Coffee is a great little spot to get some work done. Early in the morning, the café is quiet and you have your choice of tables. I visited last week when I needed a change of scenery from working at home. The café is bigger than it looks and I took a seat towards the back on one of the smaller tables where there was an outlet. It was really quiet which made it the perfect setting to get stuck into some work. I also didn’t feel guilty sitting there for a good few hours as there was no pressure to vacate the table.


I opted the traditional breakfast of coffee and “pan con tomate” a definite favourite of mine. The coffee was creamy and the food arrived on a gorgeous wooden board with the tomato served in a small jar – I love these little details.


I want to take a moment to appreciate the AWESOME music that they had playing. Lots of throwback tunes that I found myself singing out loud to… thankfully there was no one else in the back section of the café to hear my off-key singing!!

Later I need a little sugar hit so I opted for the beetroot cake with white chocolate icing. Word of warning – the taste of beetroot is very strong. I was trying to be “healthy” but really, I should have opted for the delicious looking carrot cake that initially caught my eye. The taste of beetroot was too strong for my personal liking but I’m sure others would really enjoy it.


I’ll definitely be popping back to Sugar Coffee & Co. after Semana Santa as I really enjoyed the relaxed vibe and friendly staff.



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