Two Boys Brew, Dublin

375 North Circular Road, Dublin 7

Given that tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day I thought it was only right to blog about a café back home in the fair city – Dublin.

There has been so much hype in Dublin about Two Boys Brew that it was on my hit list for my next trip back home. I’m not going to lie I was a little sceptical and thought it was just going to be another hipster style café offering average food… boy was I wrong!


I finally got to visit last week and honestly the food, the atmosphere and the staff did not disappoint. I stopped in at around 11.30am just missing the breakfast rush and just before the lunchtime madness. The café itself is much bigger inside than you would expect and is decorated simply with some quirky touches. As we were brought to our table we walked by their delicious display of sweet treats and I immediately eyed up the peanut butter sandwich cookie (more to follow…) I took this snap as we were leaving and as you can see from the photo the cakes were flying off the shelf.


They stop serving breakfast at 11am and start the lunch service at 12pm so we were in between sittings but their brunch menu is served all day and it sounds amazing! I ended up opting for the chicken and stuffing sandwich (one of my fave sandwich combos) that was on their lunch menu but this wasn’t a problem with the waitress, we ordered drinks and she popped back to the table at 12 to take our order. My companion had the avo mash and I’m not going to lie when it arrived I did have a small twinge of regret about not ordering it… However, one bite into my sambo and I was extremely happy and recommited to my choice. The portion sizes are very generous and the ingredients are all high quality and trust me you can taste it! Delicious.

Now back to that peanut butter sandwich cookie… I ordered a white coffee to accompany it and I can only think of one word to describe this pairing – HEAVEN! I am enjoying a peanut butter addiction at the moment and boy did this treat satisfy my obsession. Order it if you go!!!!


The staff were welcoming, friendly and very efficient, and the energy about the place is really relaxed. We sat over our coffees for some time and it wasn’t an issue which was really nice and definitely a change. I’ve noticed in some coffee shops nowadays you can get irritated looks from staff if you sit there for too long. I do understand that it is a business and they have to make money but it’s also all about the customer experience and if you have a good experience you’re more than likely going to return = $$$ for the business.IMG_7809

Two Boys Brew really surpassed my expectations – it is an excellent example of high quality delicious Irish food, with a touch of quirky hospitality.

Kim’s tip: leave room for dessert!!!





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