La Mejor Tarta de Chocolate del Mundo, Barrio de Salamanca

Calle Alcalá 89

This café was recommended to me by a friend a couple of years ago on a visit to Madrid, unfortunately at that time I didn’t get a chance to visit so it was top of my list when I made the move to the Spanish capital.

To call your coffee shop “The best chocolate cake in the world” is quite a confident statement so you can imagine how high my hopes were when I visited on a sunny Friday afternoon. The café itself is quite small but I loved the interior. It is cute and quirky with lovely bursts of colour dotted around the room.


I ordered a café con leche and a slice of their famous chocolate cake – there are two diffe
rent types of chocolate cake available, one that is made with 70% cacao and the other with 53% – I opted for the 53% slice. The cake is made with chocolate, butter, margarine, sugar, powdered cacao and egg, and is gluten free. I’m not going to lie when the slice of cake arrived to the table I did think it looked a little small… However, one bite in I realised the portion size was perfect as the cake is quite heavy. In all honesty, I wouldn’t say it was the best chocolate cake in the world, however, it was really delicious and a different take on a personal favourite. The cake itself is more of a meringue texture and quite literally melts in your mouth.





< Perfect combination! >





The café has a really relaxing energy about it that before I realised, two hours had passed. The staff were friendly and efficient and my friend that I met there really enjoyed his Pasteis de Nata.


Kim’s tip: If you decide to sit outside, make sure you pop your head around the door to take a look at the cute interior.


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