Uvepan, Madrid



Uvepan is a chain of cafés doted across Madrid, with one café also in Barcelona. I am usually wary of chains as they often offer average product and at times are missing that special something, but Uvepan was a pleasant surprise when I wandered in one Monday morning in desperate need of a caffeine hit.

I visit the Uvepan café on Paseo de las Acacias every couple of weeks as it’s on my route for work. I like this café because the staff are friendly, the service is quick and the coffee is creamy. I usually take a seat either on their terrace if it’s a nice day or at the bar when it’s a little grey outside (which is very rare in the Spanish capital thankfully).


Their cake and biscuit selection is seriously impressive with almost every type of sweet treat that you could want on offer (avert your eyes now if you are trying to avoid temptation!)



The great thing about Uvepan is that they have cakes of all shapes and sizes but their mini cakes are perfect for me (my favourite choice is pictured below). I get that sugar hit without feeling guilty, and accompanied with a café manchado it fuels me for the rest of the day.


Kim’s tip: sit at the bar as they sometimes give you a free mini cake with your coffee 



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