La Merendona, Barrio de Salamanca

Calle del Gral. Pardiñas, 3, 28001 Madrid

I am so so excited to share this new find with you all. La Merendona is nestled quietly just off Calle de Goya and I have walked past this cafe a few times in a rush. Today, on my way back from store visits, I walked by and decided to stop and have a nose. The exterior is beautiful but somehow overshadowed by the buildings and trees on the street. However, when you walk inside you instantly relax. There is something special, almost magical about this gorgeous little cafe.


I decided to have a coffee and rest my feet for a few minutes and what a super decision this was! The cafe manchado that I happily sipped on can only be described as a cup of creamy coffee perfection, and the staff member served me with an infectious smile that I immediately felt at home and relaxed.


They have a seriously impressive cake selection which I will definitely be back to try.

If you have to choose one coffee shop in Salamanca for your caffeine fix, please please choose La Merendona. I promise you it will not disappoint.

Kim’s tip; make sure you have a look on the counter as you walk in, today they had free samples of a delicious bizcocho (sponge cake) that I will definitely be ordering on my return.


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