Garten, Barrio de Salamanca

Calle de Castelló, 3, 28001 Madrid

I am so blessed that this gorgeous café is so close to my apartment. When I first arrived in Madrid Garten was closed for holidays, like most businesses do in August when the heat in the city is unbearable. I was so curious to try this gorgeous café that when it reopened at the end of august I was straight across the road for my caffeine fix.


The café itself is long and narrow with a clean, yet quirky feel. Their fresh bread and cake counter is what you see first as you walk in and if you can walk by their cakes without ordering one I salute you. I am always too weak to just have a coffee.

The great thing about this café is they do mini cakes – try a mini macaron with your coffee to give you that sugar hit without the guilt. They also offer great meal deals be it; breakfast, lunch or dinner, and the majority of their produce is organic.


Tip: after you finish your coffee get some of their fresh bread to take away, the “media pan integral” is my favourite

Kim’s choice: café manchado with a mini brownie





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